Financial Therapy

What is Financial Therapy 

  • Focusing on the Financial and Mental well-being

  • The transdisciplinary for advancing mental, financial, and relational well-being

What is a Financial Planner

  • Financial Planners are licensed to give investment advice and develop comprehensive financial and wealth management plans

 How Can a Financial Planner be a Resource

  • consulting with clients to analyze their goals, risk tolerance,  life stages, and investment strategies

  • process informed by both therapeutic and financial competencies that helps people

How Financial Planning & Financial Therapy Correlate

  • High levels of debt and insufficient funds to pay off the debt

  • Unexpected loss of income or assets

  • Increase in financial responsibilities, such as costs associated with caring for a new child or sick family member

  • Differences in spending habits or values between people who share income

  • Compulsive spending or gambling

  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure

“Understanding that you can make the perfect plan on paper, but if you have hang ups about money, anxieties and fears about money, you’re not going to make that plan work.”

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